Sunday, June 12, 2011

#6: Men Behind The Sun (1988)

This movie, by director Tun Fei Mou, is made all the more horrifying because it's events are based on fact.  It tells the story of the WWII activities of a Japanese Medical Research Unit, and the experiments they did on Chinese subjects after the conquering of Nanking province.  These events didn't take place in ancient Persia or pagan Rome.  They took place in the 1930s, in a day and age we like to think of as civilized.  Men Behind The Sun is a poignant and grisly reminder that civilization rests uneasily on the savage breast of man and that it's veneer may be only skin deep.  What lies beneath might be as horrifying a sight as the little boy who gets autopsied while still alive in this film.

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