Sunday, June 12, 2011

#4: El Topo (1970)

This movie, made by Alejandro Jodorowsky, features a black clad, bearded gunslinger named El Topo (which is Spanish for 'The Mole') riding around on a horse with his little naked son in search of the four gunslingers of magic, who live at the 4 corners of the desert.  The movie has very little dialogue and is made up of very haunting, disturbing and surreal images.  What really got me about this movie was the sounds coming out of my speakers.  The high pitched mechanical squealings and the sound of a screaming rodent caused my pet boxer to run out of the other room to check out our speakers.  She was really stressed out.  I would say the movie has an epic feel to it, although the agenda of El Topo remains totally unclear.  There are no words of explanation to suggest why El Topo is riding around with his little naked son killing people, but there are plenty of dead rotting bodies laying all over the desert, which look like they stink.  The end.

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