Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#8: Johnny Got His Gun (1971)

This is probably the most psychologically disturbing movie on this list.  In terms of gore and action, there is not really that much.  The movie is an anti-war film made in 1971, based on the 1938 novel of the same name by anti-war writer and activist Dalton Trumbo.  It is about a World War 1 Soldier named Joe Bonham who is hit by an artillery shell resulting in a total loss of all his limbs, and his face.  Joe manages to survive this ordeal, and is therefore kept alive as a medical curiosity by U.S. Army doctors, who assume wrongfully that the nature of his injuries have caused his brain to die as well.  Unbenownkst to anyone, Joe's mind is alive and well, but with no way to communicate to the outside world, he has no choice but to retreat into a world of memories, where he does not have to deal with things such as the giant rat shown gnawing on his stumps.  This movie was also the inspiration for the Metallica song and video "One", the first track on "Injustice for All."

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