Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#7: Guinea Pig II: Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1989)

This movie is the strangest and goriest of a 6 part movie series called "Guinea Pig".  The rest of them are pretty mundane, but this one is really "out there".  It starts off with a guy with blacked out teeth and a samurai helmet kidnapping with the use of chloroform some random Japanese girl.  He ties this girl up to a bed and starts talking about how the highest form of human beauty is really to be found not merely on the skin but on the innards and viscera of the human being.  He refers to this as the making of bright red blossoms and then saws off her arm.  Then he saws off her leg.  Then he saws off her lips.  The whole time, he is making these fucked up speeches about flowers, and at the end of the movie he shows you the remains of past victims who are maggot and worm covered, and just generally really disgusting.  The director of the movie, Kazuhito Kuramoto, was actually investigated by Japanese police for making a snuff film.  He had to prove that all of his effects were faked by recreating them on the spot.  The dialog and explanations are the 2 main factors keeping this film from ranking higher than 7 on this list.

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